18" Inline Spring Fork Assembly Chrome
18" Inline Spring Fork Assembly Chrome


18" Inline Spring Fork Assembly Chrome

Sale price$1,460.63
Kit includes front and rear chrome legs, chrome outer springs, chrome rockers and zinc plated rocker studs. It comes completely assembled with a 1" stem with 1" x 24 thread.
Order bearing neck kit, axle kit, top tree and handlebars separately. Some assembly may be required. Bottom of neck is larger in diameter to accommodate the Lower Race. Rear fork leg is not tapped. *NOTE: We measure from the top of the rear leg (tube), to the front axle center line. This complete replica Spring Fork assembly is a product of 14 separate processes: Tubing, Hydraulic Swage Press, Investment Casting, Forging, Flattening Press, Robotic Welding, Brazing, Polish, Chrome, Paint, Spring Winder, Machine Shop, Drill Shop and Packaging.
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UL 1937-1945
EL 1936-1940
FL 1941-1945